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How to make a victorian style goat hair sporran-STEP-BY-STEP

Hi all-
I have a batch of orders for our JOhn Brown Sporran style, and I will be documenting the steps.  I'm starting with the hair prepping.  Goat hair is TOUGH to deal with and some work needs to be done to ensure a proper sporran!!!  Starting today, pics to follow

Here we go-
First I make the template on paper and cut it out.  You must take a piece of graph paper and fold in half.  Design a template and cut and you'll have a symmetrical sided template for your front and back panels.

I then take my goat hair.  Wwhat a mess!!!  This is the hard part-Yo0u must take the hair-Fill up the sink with HOT water and DAWN dish washing soap.  Put the hair and soak for 1/2 hour.  Drain, rinse, and rinse, and rinse until the hair is almost white with all the barnyard yuckies gone.  Take some pantene hair conditioner and mix thoroughly.  Rinse one final time and lay the hair clump out to dry.  You can by 1 lb. bags from Skye Highland Outfitters for 20$.

After about 3 hours in the sun-Its dry and ready for combing out.  This is the worst/hardest part of the prep work for the hair.  You'll hate it, but the end result is worth it!!!

More pics coming soon..

Here is a quick video that showws how I brush the treated goat hair into its wonderful looking state ready for sewing-

HEre is the next video clip showing me sewing the hair to the thin leather backing that will eventually be bonded to the front panel.

Here's a couple of pics of progress.  You can see how layering the hair really bulks it up!!  No worries, when you're done, you spray the hair down and set it .  The wool absorbs the water and creates tiny....I want to say dread-lock-ish strands.  Probably a better word to describe it, but it ends up looking gorgeous!!! So far, here you go-


OK-I've finished sewing all the hair and have binded all the seams.  The hair panels is one big ball of puff and needs to be tamed-

Take your spray bottle with water and prepare to rame the savage goat hair sporran beast!-

Take the leather and hold upside down to expose the layers independently.  Hit each layer liberally in-between, front and back.  Do each layer this way.

Now, shake the hair panel and the water will begin to fling off.  You will also notice the hair beginning to clump nicely.  You will repeat this 3-4 more times during the construction.  Here's what it looks like after the first spray down.....GORGEOUS!!! Forum Index -> Kilt & Accessories DIY
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