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My 2 latest kilt I've made

For the past year, my kilt store has been brimming with orders which has left me with no time to make a kilt for myself!!!  I finally got a chance now that Gabe the "Wunderkind" is handling SHO's kilt making preety much full time while I handle sporrans.  I get to make a kilt here and there if he's too bogged down, but between sporran orders and kilt orders-We probably are gonna have to clone ourselves soon!!  anyway, I gotta break from orders and took advantage of the small window to make myself a couple-

Here are 2 of my latest kilts.  The first is a custom run Macdonald of Clanranald-It is an old style box pleated style and I think the colors are just marvelous!  Thanks to X of Canada for getting this material together.  I enjoyed every moment making this kilt!-

The next is a 5 yard Casual "Lilter' kilt I made in my favorite tartan-HEather Isles.  
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