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My 3 new kilts

Hi all-
I am ecstatic to finally get my orders done (Customers first-THANKS GABE!!!).  Brice Lythgoe from this forum had ordered a Kingussie in PolyViscose sometime back.  While I was dubious to the possibility of pulling it off with PV, the final product convinced me that I needed one too (Isle of Skye of course).  I decided to pleat it to "Skye's Fancy" and see what happened.  The end result is nothing less than incredible!!  I LOVE the swing Kingussie kilts produce and this is probably my favorite kilt at the moment!!!!!

Little Skye (My ever faithful helper) was right there to help me spread out the kilt-You can see part of her in the pic)

I had picked up some material off eBay of 16 OZ "Auld Scotland".  This was destined to be a Box Pleat right off the bat.....It was just going to take some time to get to it.  End result.....I think this is my favorite tartan for the moment....Somehow it just blazes and relaxes at the same time...If you are looking for a new tartan for fashion's sake-Go for this.  I'd love to see an 8 yard kilt with it, but it also seems like it was just meant for a Box Pleat!!!

And lastly, being a MacDonald from the Isles, I've always wanted a kilt in the Lord's own hunting tartan.  budget kept me at enough material for a Box Pleat.  the result is also a tartan that was just meant for a Box Pleat design.  Both are just FANTASTIC to wear!!!

I hope you enjoyed my new stuff!!!  I'd like to personally thank Matt and Lady Chrystel for promoting and propagating this style of kilt making and bringing it back to vogue.   i know there are some reserves as per another post I read, but I think EVERYONE will agree that they are just as appropriate as traditional knife and military box pleated kilts.  Once you wear one and realize that there is an option for comfort that doesn't sacrifice styling, then you'll be hooked just like I was I put on my first Matt Newsom Box Pleat.  They are incredible kilts and fun to make!!!! Forum Index -> Kilt Discussion
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